About Dr. Meena Shah

A Doctor and pediatrician by training, her passion and commitment for optimal health for all moved her to change tracks..

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Mission & Vision

We Understand That Health Is Dynamic Integration Of Body, Mind, Spirit And Environment..

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Audio & Visual

Namaste Life is conducting master training workshops, Seminars & Presentations for Women in all over Gujarat..

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Welcome to Namaste Life.

We are An Organization Involved In Creating Positive And Preventive Health Awareness Through Healthcare Programs & Activities For Different Groups, Training Of Trainers, TV Shows, Radio Programs & Other Media Activities.

Our Projects, Support Us..

Our programs with custom A/V communication, Slides, Videos, Action Plans and Media projects empower people to develop a new attitude to health, family and life itself.

Promoting Positive Health

Namaste Life Is Involved in Promoting Health Awareness & Healthcare through Media, Social Media, Mobile Tablets & Other Audio Visual Activities .
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Women Wellness Workshops

We at Namaste Life think of it as wellness, empowerment, education, physical strength, emotional strength, social & spiritual perspective to life .
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Techno Savvy Health Promotion

Wellness, Occupational Health Care Training & Health Communication Is Need Of Time Namaste Life Has Customized Training Programs & TOTs & Audio Visuals..
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Cleanliness – Hygiene – Sanitation

Hygiene, Sanitation And Safe Drinking Water Is Connected To Health. Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhea, Typhoid And Other Water & Vector-Borne Diseases Can Be Prevented Through Awareness Generation..
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Promotive & Preventing Health

Sampurna Swasthya ‘ Promotive, Preventive & Curative Health - Wellness For Villages’ . A project with an objective of providing a comprehensive range of health care services to under-privileged community..
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Malnutrition Children

India Has One Of The Highest Rate Of Malnutrition Under-Five. There Are Thousands Of Children Born In Poverty. Hunger And Malnutrition Eats Them Up, Retarding their Physical & Mental Growth.
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