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Pregnancy Childbirth Trainings &  Train The Trainers Workshops       
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“Better prepared is more than half job done” it is said and the same applies to one’s pregnancy too.  With the women today moving forward in all fields and assuming knowledge of different components of the world; it seems that the only constituent that they have missed out on is the most integral of their lives- Pregnancy.  Most of them tend to either go by the myths that make rounds in our society or build up their own understanding and move forward accordingly.  However, such approach could not only be harmful to the mother but could also lead to an improper child care.  That is where it is imperative that the to-be mother and her family is equipped with all essential knowledge about the period and ways in which various situations should be dealt with. 
Dr. Meena Shah is a pioneer in the field of Pregnancy childbirth classes providing information on some very critical information about pregnancy related issues to mothers and their families.  The fact that she has been running these classes since the last 26 years bears a testimony to her passion and commitment to healthy pregnancy and childbirth in the country.
Trainings & TOTs are conducted in a completely Indian context.  Dr. Shah, being a part of the society and having gone through the rituals herself, understands the many facets of information that are made available to pregnant women.  While some of this information is valid, some other might have to be ignored for a healthy pregnancy.  That is where Dr. Shah understands the socio-cultural background of each participant before commencing the workshop.
The main objective is to bring positivity in the system and improve the comfort level by providing the right information.  This information secures that the woman is going to the labour room with a clear idea of what she could expect and already having taken good care of herself in the last nine months. 
With vast population & increasing needs our focus is on training health professionals & paramedical staff to get trained on taking these training forward to thousands of pregnant women across country.
Points Touched
These trainings & TOTs  concentrate on some of the following matters 
1. Fitness during pregnancy: The classes train the participants on various exercises, including Yoga and Pranayam, which the participants could do to maintain fitness during their pregnancy.
2. Nourishment of the mother: The eating habits of the mother and the quantity in which various things should be consumed are taught here
3. Posture care: The mothers could move their way towards a healthy pregnancy and child birth through some effective postures.
4. Sleeping: A sound sleep holds high relevance in this stage of one’s life and should thus be given due significance.
5.Post Delivery care: Taking care of oneself is not restricted to the period of pregnancy.  One needs to take care of one’s health even after pregnancy to obtain a quick recovery.
6. Childcare: Some tips about child care are also disbursed during the classes.
7. Regaining the figure: This is one point which takes up a lot of mind space of many women.  These classes also give information on regaining one’s figure in a smooth manner after pregnancy.
Connect With Your Baby
It was believed in the ancient society that one could connect with one’s child in the womb and guide him/her on a healthier life.  We could mould some of the attributes of the child right in the womb.  Although it might look impractical, there are theories which back this belief and experiences which vouch for this fact.  Pregnancy Childbirth classes by Dr. Shah also concentrate on the same to provide an opportunity to the parents to connect with their child and guide his/her skills, health and other attributes very early in his/her life.
1. Bringing about physical, mental, social and material preparedness for pregnancy and childbirth
2. Building competency in dealing with pregnancy
3. Disseminating information about fitness and exercises during pregnancy
4. Securing improved health, wellness and comfort during the pregnancy period of the participants
5. To help the participants have easier, shorter, confident and participatory labor
6. To alleviate fears with regards to labor
7. Securing optimum recovery and good health of mother 
8. To bring about an active involvement of husband and family
9. Training in breast feeding
10. Help in better care practices
11. Provide freedom from myths and misbelieves
Training Of The Trainer Program
Dr. Shah also works towards establishing such values as health care during pregnancy and easy delivery among doctors, nurses and health workers.  Her trainings are targeted towards providing in depth knowledge to these participants involved with women and pregnancy so that this information, pivotal to pregnant women’s health, is properly utilized and also disseminated to more and more people. Master Training Workshops are powerful learning experience & has very easy interesting A-V training modules, books, DVDs & much more  to take learning forward effectively & scientifically.
Positive Experiences
There would not be an instance one could remember of a participant going out of the workshop dissatisfied.  This is because of the experience that Dr. Shah and her team has secured through umpteen number of workshops and programmes in the past.  Here are some interesting points about her experience with health training:
• She has been conducting these training programmes since 22 years
• More than 10,000 women have been directly benefited through it
• Has conducted training of the trainers programme for more than 400 Doctors & Nurses
• Some high profile companies serve as her clients for various programmes, including this one
• Has received the best documentary award for one of her movies by the Government of Gujarat
• Has penned 3 books on ‘Mother and Child Health Care’
Namaste Life Has Conducted Series Of Master TOTs For
- Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation doctors & nurses
- Government of Gujarat – 2,000+ ASHAs at Himmatnagar
- Surat Municipal Corporation – 85+ medical officers
- Ambuja Foundation
- Mahila Samakhya Federation Leaders
- 20+ private doctors & physiotherapists
- Etc. etc.