Malnutrition In Children

Care, Treatment And Prevention Of Malnutrition In Children
India Has One Of The Highest Rates Of Malnutrition Under-Five.
Hunger And Malnutrition Retards Physical & Mental Growth Of Children
This Project Is Committed To Improving The Nutritional Well- Being Of Children Suffering From SAM –  Severe Acute Malnutrition
Despite considerable progress in recent decades, the world still falls far short of the goal of adequate food and nutrition.Most seriously affected are children, billions survive on diets that lack of enough calories, essential vitamins and minerals required for normal growth and development and prevention of deficiencies & disabilities.
There is need to adopt measures to strengthen food, nutrition, education and health and family welfare programs & to build upon and accelerate the progress already made.
Training of anganwadi team in area of care & prevention of malnutrition, feeding young children with right kind of food & nutritional supplements, empower & discuss mothers & families about care & treat malnourished children can help thousands of children.
Commitments is to improve the nutritional well-being of children.
At Namaste Life we are working actively for care, treatment & preventive health care of SAM Kids. Sharing our project details & action plan
Project Time frame - Six Months
1. Medical Check Up
2. Monthly Follow Up
3. Providing 30 sachets of Balamrut – AMUL :  High Calorie, Nutrition   
    Dense Full Of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & More Than 500 Calories Food Supplement  
4. Mothers Workshop Every Month For Increased Know How & Awareness About Child’s Diet, Cleanliness, Growth- Development & Positive Child Care Practices &      Facts About Malnutrition.
Our Observation
As both things were done simultaneously supplementary nutrition & mother’s trainings for SBCC, we got the best results & hope for lasting impact on child’s growth- Development & prevention of infections.
Dr Meena Shah – Child Specialist & Master Wellness Coach
Mrs MurliSriniwasan – MSW
Ms KavitaChavda – MSW
Ms Jennet Hunter - MSW
Activities Done
1 ). Project – Kuposhan Same Jeet
Adopted  70 MAM children of 50  Anganwadi
In collaboration with Mrs BhanubenVora & Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
Project Duration  – August 2016 To May 2017
Supplementary Nutrition :Chikki and Patanjali Nutrition biscuits
Mother’s IEC / SBCC Once in a month.
2). Treatment & Care Of SAM Children
Number Of Children – 200 SAM children
Location : Sola Civil Hospital & CMTC Sanand
In Collaboration With TATA Motors Sanand & Block Health Office Sanand
Project Duration: 8-9 months October 2017 to May 2018
Supplementary Nutrition :Balamul one Sachet / Day
Mother’s IEC / SBCC Once in a month.
3). Project – KuposhanThiSuposhan
Namaste Life adopted 100 Children  With Malnutrition
Location :Wadaj and Sabarmati area anganwadis
Project Duration :6 months April 2018 to October 2018
Supplementary Nutrition :Balamul one Sachet / Day  or Protein Powder With Milk
Mother’s IEC / SBCC Once in a month.
Malnutririon Child Adoption Information: