Promoting Positive Health

Occupational Wellness, Lifestyle & Healthy working
40% of job turnover is due to stress. Over 50% of lost workdays are stress related or due to avoidable diseases. Health-related productivity costs for companies are four times higher than medical and pharmacy costs.
Presentism – Employees present at work but unable to perform at full capacity costs the company much more than absenteeism Hertz Wins Prestigious HR Awards – Human Resources Journal- “Hertz has been aggressively focused on developing a health care program that motivates employees to live a more healthy, engaged lifestyle, while also working on stabilizing its health care costs”             
Healthy, energized and motivated employees are drivers of a company’s success and a measure of effective HR practices.
Does your company suffer from any of this ?
  •  Declining health of upper management and execs?
  •  Low morale among employees
  •  Under performing workers  
  •  Highly stressed execs and employees
  •  Poor attitude and relationships  
  •  Low motivation
  •  High rate of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, migraine headaches, or asthma
1. Executive health, lifestyle and Stress Management
People Are Key  Drivers For The Growth Of The Company Typically Working With A Lot Of Stress & Irregular Lifestyle   
This Workshop Will Enable Them To Deal With Stress, Burnout, Work Life Balance And More – Thus Making Them More Effective, Energized & Healthy For Longer
Key Topic
  • What Is Health
  • Fitness & Energy
  • Becoming Smarter Than Stress
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Nutrition On The Go
  • Chronic Lifestyle Disease Management – Cholesterol, High Bp, Diabetes, Heartburn       Work Life Balance
2. Positive Health Options  
This Is Our Flagship Program Designed For All Levels Of Employees From Management To Staff
Key Benefits
Awareness & Positive Health Management, Positive Attitude, Morale, Improved Energy And Efficiency.   
Key Topic  
  •  Holistic Health  
  •  Fitness In Life & Fitness At Work
  •  Self Check Up And Medical Checkup – Balance Self Help & Medical Help
  •  Yoga & Pranayama
  •  Work Life Balance & Stress Management
3. Healthy, Happy & Productive Factory Worker Workshop
Healthy Workers, Reduced Absenteeism, Reduction In Negative Health Habits, Positive Attitude, Improved Morale And Increased Alertness And Energy
Key Topic
  • Hygiene, Health & Lifestyle
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Everyday Fitness
  • Stress & Interpersonal Relationship Management
  • Tobacco & Alcohol Cessation Motivation & Tips
  • First Aid and Safety
4. Health Shift Workers
Shift Workers Have Unique Health Concerns Directly Impacting Their Work – Social, Mental & Physical.  We Address All These Aspects For Improved Quality Of Shift  Work.
Key Benefits:  Positive Attitude, Reduced Absenteeism, Reduction In Negative Health Habits, Positive Attitude, Improved Alertness And Efficiency
Key Topics
  •     Hygiene, Health & Lifestyle
  •     Healthy Nutrition & Shift Work
  •     Sleep & Shift Work
  •     Family Role & Shift Work
  •     Working With Alertness & Energy
  •     Prevention & Care Of Lifestyle Diseases
5. High Energy Work, High Energy Life
In today’s corporate world, ambition, high stress environments and busy schedules lead to energy drain – physical and mental and is counterproductive to high efficiency. Today’s corporate workers require is a way to keep their energy levels high, stress levels low and morale high consistently.
Key Benefits:  Employees working with high energy, incorporate good working habits to create and sustain energy, stress release & high energy lifestyle  
Key Topics:  
  •     Energy & Vitality – Energy Drain, Energy Creators
  •     Stress & Relaxation in daily life
  •     Healthy Happy Working
  •     Work Life Balance
  •     High Energy Nutrition
6. Retiring Employees Health Awareness Workshop
Retiring employees are at a vulnerable age when chronic and lifestyle diseases are a major concern.  Healthworkshops for such employees are a valuable tool for them and their families
Key Benefits:  Attention to health management, conscious positive health choices, creative utilization of time and talents, decreased medical expenses
Key Topics
  •     Health & Aging
  •     Special hazards of old age
  •     Nutrition, Digestive disorders & Aging
  •     Energizing and soothing pranayamas
  •     Bone & Joint Disorders
  •     Longevity Tips – Diet, Stress Mgmt, Immunity Boosters, Fortify Hormones, Rebuild Brainpower
7. Complete Woman Seminar For Women Employees
Women have a unique talent for multi tasking. They also have additional responsibilities of managing their homes and families.  This unique program for women empowers them to manage their dual roles effectively while caring for themselves.
Key Benefits:  Improved health and positive health care, Improved Morale, Better Interpersonal Relations, Improved Performance, Better Retention
Key Topics
  •     Holistic approach to health
  •     Fitness For Women
  •     Diet, Nutrition & Menu Planning for Self & Family
  •     Stress Reduction & Management
  •     Easy to Follow Self Care for all ages
  •     Positive & Preventive Gynec Care
  •     Optimize Mind Body Balance
8. Complete Woman Seminar For Spouses Of Employees
More often than not, the spouses of the employees are direct influencers of the family health.  This fantastic program for spouses of employees  motivates them for better health practices for the family and has a direct impact on the work-life management of the employees.
Key Benefits:
Improved health attitude, Better Relationship management, Connection to the company,  
Key Topics
  •     Holistic approach to health
  •     Fitness For Women
  •     Diet, Nutrition & Menu Planning for Self & Family
  •     Self care and hygiene
  •     Positive & Preventive Gynec Care
  •     Positive Relationship Management
9. Managerial Training –Motivation, Work-life balance & Healthy Working
Effective managers need to be energetic, full of vitality, motivating, possess leadership skills and have good interpersonal relationship management skillsThey tend to work under high stress and need to balance management expectations and subordinates results effectively for good results.
Key Topics:
  •     Stress, Health and Work Efficiency
  •     Effective Time Management
  •     Self Health Management – Healthy Eating, Fitness & Negative Habits
  •     High Energy Working – Create and Sustain High Energy Through the Day
  •     Relationship management
  •     Developing positive attitudes 
  •     Effective Communication Strategies
10. Eat Fit Healthy Cooking & Menu Planning Workshop For Canteen
CANTEEN STAFF  plan for menu and  prepare  food for all employees, they  are the  key  source of health management & food management for company. If  they  know  about  basic  health  facts  about  food and provide healthy food, half  the  battle  is  won. 
Key Benefits:  Healthy and Tasty Food Availability at Canteen and healthy cooking 
practices -> automatic improvement in nutrition and food intake of employees leading to improved health.  
Key Topics
  •     Live Food Vs Dead Food
  •     Calories in Foods
  •     Relationship between food and disease
  •     Good & Health cooking practices
  •     Food Safety – Storage, handling
  •     Salt & Sugar in Food
  •     Practical demonstration
  •     Food Pyramid & Menu Planning
11. Training Of Trainers – Creating in-house wellness trainers
Regular Learning about daily health care & empowerment to live healthy lifestyle can be very useful. Emphasis  shifts from disease management to healthy lifestyle choices,  proper self care and medical care.   Creating in-house trainers is an effective and cost effective way to promote health and wellness in the organization in a sustained & regular manner.  
Key Benefits:  In-house resource creation, Regular short programs motivate and power employees and create a culture of wellness .
Key Topics
  •     Total Health and Wellness Perspective 
  •     Mind Body Balance
  •     Fitness
  •     Promoting healthy food habits
  •     Cleanliness and hygiene
  •     Balancing self care and medical care
  •     Emotional wellness
  •     (Other topics as per the requirements)
12. Building Positive Work Culture
Empowered to manage work, personal life better and reach their true potential for self & organization as whole. Motivated, passionate and energized Employees. Performance improvement via soft skills.
Key Topics
  •     Holistic Approach To Health
  •     Fitness - Nutrition & Wellness
  •     Positive Thinking – Positive Life
  •     Improving EQ  - Professional Development
  •     Planning & Time Management
13.  Self Defense, Self Esteem & Lifestyle For  Women
A  woman  plays  a  pivotal  role  in  the  health  of  her  family.  She  maintains  a  very  significant  all  embracing  function  as  wife,  mother,  caretaker,  helpmate  and  more  than  often  contributes  to the  family  income.  
Nature  has  bestowed women with  specific  biological  make-up,  mind  and   emotions  to  fulfill  these  multiple  roles.  It  is  against  this  back  drop  that  the  modern  woman must  know  her  strengths, recognize her own self worth and understand her importanceTHE  COMPLETE  WOMAN  seminar aims  to  fulfill  these  needs  &  helps  women  to  develop  a  new  attitude  to  health,  beauty  &  life  itself
Key Topics
  •     Introduction and fundamentals of Self Defense for Women
  •     Practical session with Martial Arts Expert on Self Defense
  •     Establishing woman's self worth, strength and self respect to live life fully
  •     Recognizing the power of Woman’s Role in Family and Society
  •     Developing Self Esteem & Confidence
  •     Living fearlessly
  •     Power of Positivity
14. Win Over Your Diabetes
People are not aware about preventive & positive health care & healthier lifestyle practices. Diabetics can have complications & problems if disease is not managed well. There are serious complications like heart attack, stroke / paralysis, kidney failure, blindness etc. due to improperly treated diabetes.So there is dire need to have special program on DIABETES AWARENESS AND PREVENTIION THROUGH LIFESTYLE CAHNGES
Key Topics
  •     What is Diabetes & importance of health care in Diabetes
  •     Risk Factors of DIABETES – non modifiable & modifiable risk factors & reducing risks thro’ Daily Care’
  •     Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes
  •     Diabetes & Check Ups
  •     Balancing Self Care & Medical Care In Diabetes
  •     Fighting Diabetes With Food
  •     Yoga –Walking – Pranayams Etc.
15. Working Women Program   
    Total Health  Care.
    Important Lifestyle Changes That Match One’s Life.
    Healthy & Practical   Food  Habits For The Family.
    Fitness  :   Exercise  Programs For All.
    Evaluation Of Health : Self Evaluation & Medical Check Ups.
    Mind-Body Harmony Tips & Techniques.
    Fulfilling   Relationships & Stress Management
    Prevention For Heart  Diseases,  High  B. P.  &  Diabetes.
    Commitments For Daily Health Care Practice With Support Of Spouse.
    Family’s Role In Lifestyle & Preventive Health Care
16. Attention Hypertension
  •     What is High BP ?
  •     Early  signs  & symptoms .
  •     Importance Of Timely Diagnosis
  •     Self Care  & Medical  care
  •     Lifestyle  Management  for  care  of  High Blood  Pressure 
  •     Preventing High BP.
  •     Video Clips on - Blood  Pressure 
17. Coronary Artery Disease  - Facts, Care & Prevention
  •     Understanding Facts Of cardiac rehabilitation
  •     What Is CAD & What Happens ?
  •     Signs & Symptoms
  •     Angina / Unstable Angina / MI
  •     Diagnosis Of CAD – ECG / ECHO / Angiography / Blood Tests
  •     Immediate Care In Myocardial Infarction
  •     Angioplasty / Bypass Surgery / Medical Management
  •     Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Reducing risk
    Controlling cholesterol / BP / Diabetes
    Tobacco Cessation
    Healthy eating
    Exercises for healthy heart
    Regular follow up
    Proper intake of medicines
    Involvement of family
    Video Clips on - Heart Care
18. Balanced Fitness For Busy People
  •     Balanced Fitness Means – Balance Of Strength Stamina & Suppleness
  •     Exercises  For  Increasing Stamina, Improving Suppleness, & Strength Building
  •     Total  Fitness  :  five  ‘S’  of  Fitness.( Strength,  Stamina,  Suppleness,  Skill  & Speed )
  •     Chair Exercises
  •     Simple  Pranayam  Like  NadishodanTo  Harmonize  Mind  &Body.
  •     ‘Om’  Recitation  For  Balancing   Mind Body System
19. Yoga In Daily Life
World is embracing yoga in a big way. Yoga is the great need of our time. Yoga means the Union. of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. Some asanas are good for relaxation of the mind, while others are good for digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous and glandular system. It is effective in controlling both stress and functional disorder. It's never too early nor too late to start practicing yoga.
Key Topics
  •     Importance of Yoga in Modern Life
  •     Office Yoga for Daily Practice
  •     Energizing Pranayams
  •     Cooling Pranayams
  •     Breathing - Relaxation
  •     ‘Om’  recitation  for  balancing mind body system
  •     Group discussion about yoga for special concerns.
20. Healthy Computing
INFORMATION – TECHNOLOGY  AND  RELATED  HEALTH  CONCERNS Working  on  computers  for  prolonged  hours  without  proper  understanding  and  Positive  Health  Care  can  give  rise  to problems  like  :
  •     Strain  in back,  neck,  shoulders  fingers  etc.
  •     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •     Leg  pains  and  swelling  in  legs.
  •     Fatigue & sluggishness 
  •     Eye  strain  due  to  stress.
  •     Weight  gain  due  to  sedentary  job  and  wrong  eating  habits.
Key Topics
  •     Total  Health  Concept
  •     Extended Computer Usage – Safe practices – setup chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse    
  •     Practical tips for comfort and while working in office:-
  •     Easy  light,  preliminary  slow  stretching  for  flexible  and  active  body  for       computer  operators.
  •     Healthy Computing
  •     Office Ergonomics
  •     TB eating fatigue & tiredness at workplace
21. Tobacco – Effects Of Addiction & Tobacco Cessation
Negative habits/addictions of Tobacco are extremely damaging to a person?s health and its effect on health and life longevity is well known.  Unfortunately, most people who smoke/take tobacco don?t perceive this habit as damaging habit and tend to turn a blind eye to its long term consequences as it doesn?t impact their daily life.Most of the time, they don?t even perceive the habit as an addiction.  It is only when they try to quit that they realize their dependence on Tobacco.  Similarly, people with alcohol addictions also don?t realize the extent to which their dependence on alcohol impacts their life ? family, work, economic and social.  Many times, they wish to quit but are unable to do so for myriad reasons.These addictions are extremely costly for the company in terms of employee?s health, productivity, effectiveness and morale.  This program is a step towards dealing with the hazards of tobacco and alcohol addiction
Key Topics
  •     Tobacco Usage Effects on the Body
  •     Alcohol Usage & Effects on Body
  •     Tips of Giving up habit
  •     Commitment
  •     Role of family/Support group
  •     Dealing with withdrawal Symptoms of tobacco use
  •     Dealing with withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use
  •     Tips on Staying off Tobacco/Alcohol Long Term
22. Cancer Know Facts & Prevention
According to a study by the World Health Organization, one in 12 women in urban India will develop cancer in their lifetime. Approximately 40 per cent of new cases of cancer in India afflict women.Similarly number of cancers in men is rising very fast due to excessive use of tobacco & unhealthy lifestyle. Many male patients come very late with oral cancer, cancer lungs, prostrate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer etc. which causes physical, emotional social & financial issues to individual & families.
Key Topics
    Awareness building about both common cancers in women
    Having more women participate in early & timely diagnosis of Breast & Cervical 
  •     Awareness building about common cancer in Men
  •     Understand facts about – Self Breast examination, PAP Smear, Mammography, 
  •      Sonography For Diagnosis of Women’s Cancers
  •     Understand facts about - PSA Test, USG of Abdomen , Pelvis & Neck, Stool & Urine and microscopic       examination of Men’s Cancers
  •     Sharing of information about common signs symptoms one should not ignore
  •     Helpful for making health choices and life choices to prevent cancer
  •     Know how on latest of scientific information on cancer.
  •     Guidance on treatment options
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