Promotive & Preventing Health

The Concept
‘Rural Health- Wellness’  a project providing a comprehensive range of health care services to under-privileged community in village Telav through properly planned activities, facilities & coordination with government health team in village
Health, as the World Health Organization (WHO) defines, is the state of complete physical, social and mental well being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. The enjoyment of highest attainable standard of health is considered as one of the fundamental rights of every human being
The health scenario is positioned at unique crossroads as the India is facing a ‘double burden of diseases’ constituted by communicable diseases, as well as the unprecedented rise of noncommunicable chronic diseases. 
There is a high prevalence of tobacco use along with increase in unhealthy dietary practices and decrease in physical activity contributing to increase in biological risk factors which in turn leads to increase in noncommunicable diseases
At Namaste Life For Positive Health Promotion In Villages Our Focus is On
Communicable Disease Awareness:  We have very high rates of preventable communicable diseases.  Our workshops and TOTs are geared to provide practical solutions to preventing and managing diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice and many more
Women’s Wellness, Maternal & Child Health:  With all the progress we have made, women’s wellness, reproductive health and new born health are key parameters 
Our Success and Growth
Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Awareness.  Increasing number of Indians/Gujaratis suffering from NCDs is a proven fact.   NCDs Are Best Managed With Primary & Secondary Prevention & Active Involvement Of Population At Large.
Awareness & Actions For Hygiene- Cleanliness Awareness
Attainment Of The Highest Possible Standard Of Health Depends On A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach Which Goes Beyond The Traditional Curative Care, Involving Communities. This Holistic Approach Should Empower Individuals And Communities To Take Actions For Their Own Health
Four Major Tasks Of Medicine As Promotion Of Health, Prevention Of Illness, Restoration Of The Sick And Rehabilitation
“Health Promotion”,Which Is About Enabling People To Take Control Over Their Health And Its Determinants, And Thereby Improve Their Health.It Includes Interventions At The Personal, Family & Social Levels To Facilitate Lifestyle Adaptations Conducive To Improving Or Protecting Health.
Health Education Is About Providing Health Information And Knowledge To Individuals And Communities And Providing Skills To Enable Individuals To Adopt Healthy Behaviors, By Increasing Their Knowledge Or Influencing Their Attitudes.
Increasing The Health Seeking BehaviourBy Giving Easy Access To Primary Health Facilities. To Overcome The Barrier Of Poor Transportation, Financial Background And To Provide The Basic And Primary Health Care Services.Curative, Preventive And Promotive Health Care Services On A Regular Basis To The Poor, Deprived And Disadvantaged People Residing In Selected Village.
Some Of The Rural Health Care Include:
  • Enrich AccessTo Health Facilities&Support In Max Utilization Of Government Facilities.
  • Community Involvement & Empowerment
  • Safe Mother And Child Care
  • Public Sanitation, Hygiene &Cleanliness
  • Need Based Curative Care Of Health Challenges
  • Registration Of Families  In MA – MukhyamantriAmrutamYojna
Indicators For The Project :
  • Increase in community accessing primary healthcare services
  • Improvement in health status of pregnant & lactating mothers
  • Improvement in health of children through school health program
  • Increase in knowledge on health & hygiene related issues & Govt. schemes
  • Improvement& support  in villagers using government health delivery system
Namaste Life Foundation will involve
  • Doctor Male / Female
  • MSW Trainer
  • Nurse
  • Helper
  • They Will Visit Village At Regular Interval And Provide Services In The Specified Area Of Operation For At Least 4 Days A Month.
  • Doctor Will Visit Twice A Month + If Needed
  • Services Offered
The following health services are required to be provided through the mobile Van:
  • Once a Week OPD- Curative Services For Common Ailments
  • Special health camp
  • Ante-Natal/Post-Natal Positive Health & Trainings
  • Promote Immunization- Mother & Children & Referring Them To Sub Centers / PHC
  • Basic Pathological Services (Hb%, Urine Test , Blood Sugar)
  • Distribution Of Iron Folic Tablets, VIT-A Prophylaxis
  • Growth Monitoring, Treatment Of Mal-Nutrient Cases
  • Distribution Of Condoms, Oral Pills, Motivation For Insertion Of IUD
  • Health And Hygiene Education
  • Women & Family Wellness Promotion
  • Referral Services
  • Health Marketing/ Social Marketing Activities Initiated By Namaste Life Foundation
  • Video Demo On LCD Screens
  • Doctors And Supporting Medical Staff Will Be Send To Offer Services In Urban Slums/Remote Rural Areas Which Are Under-Served In Medical Facilities.
Target Beneficiaries
The underprivileged population living in the target areas is the beneficiaries under the programme.
The programme specially focuses on women, children.
Promotive Services:
The following promotive services will be offer which would be focused as:
  • Positive health & healthy lifestyle for Families
  • Hygiene & Sanitation Awareness Programs
  • Breast Feeding & positive child care practices
  • Promotion of Family planning methods- emphasis on condom usage for safe sex, spacing methods, Health marketing/ social marketing activities.
  • Combating Malnutrition-Promotions & awareness of nutrition and balanced diet for Children
Preventive Services :
The following services would be offered too 
  • Immunization- Mother & children
  • Growth monitoring&Distribution of Iron Folic tablets
  • Special Services
  • Ante-natal training
  • Health care Video Demo on LCD Screens - Health marketing/ Social marketing activities initiated by Namaste Life Foundation
Curative Services:
  • OPD- curative services for common ailments - once a week
  • Promote Immunization- Mother & children & referring them to sub centers / PHC
  • Basic pathological services (Hb%, Urine test , Blood Sugar) once a month for people who needs
  • Distribution of Iron Folic tablets, Vit-A Prophylaxis
  • Growth monitoring of children under 5 during Mamta Day & need based supplements will be given
  • Family planning promotion with emphasis on condom usage for safe sex, spacing methods
  • Referral services
  • Awareness sessions on specified issues or local existing problems.
  • Audio Visual source, Flip charts, Poster & Banners etc.
  • Dissemination of stationeries, pamphlets, leaflets, calendars & IEC materials etc

Sanathal Secondary School Program Feedback Conducted By Dr Meena Shah