Senior Citizens

People praise the wonder of youth and negate old age. Youth is equated with health and old age with disease. Actually old age must be equated with wisdom, experience and respect in the society.
If people take better care of health & prevent or curb diseases in old age, life can be more satisfying and more worth living.
Program Details
  •  Imp. parameters of health for 60+
  •  Changes in the body due to aging & factors that influence Ageing.
  •  Food habits & management of nutritional problems.
  •  Simple exercises & Full Body Workout
  •  Energize and soothing pranayams
  •  Preventive health care in old age.
  •  Special Hazards of Illness in Old Age
  •  Developing your longevity program.
  •  Stress management for senior citizens
 Longevity solutions –
1. Improving diet.
2. Managing stress
3. detoxify the body.
4. immune boosters.
5. rebuild brainpower.
Participants' Views
First time someone thought so much about old people’s wellness & daily lifestyle
We have never done exercises like this program & I will surely practice it daily, which will help keep mobile & active.
We understood facts of keeping active mentally as way to good life.
If I keep mobile & active after this program I will bless faculties for life.