Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Promoting Consciousness For Active Participation In ‘SWACHH  AHMEDABAD’ Project &
Active Use Of ‘Swachhta’ Mobile APP
The problems of water and vector-borne infections combine with malnutrition and poor environmental sanitation to form a vicious cycle which is increasing the burden of diseases
It is to be noted that the country has a huge burden of vector-borne diseases which are largely related to poor drainage, solid waste management and lack of awareness  & education among public multiplies problems 
Key to any lasting solution lies with people participation & government taking up active mission like ‘ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ Swachh App is truly a step forward in having more aware & conscious citizens who will make sure civic body responds & takes actions for solution regularly.
We Work Actively With Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
To assist in their endeavor to have maximum citizens using swachhta App & using it regularly
To target one of the most important areas of public health intervention i.e. health communication & motivation to use right tools  / ‘Swachhata’ Mobile APP
To develop and impart various health communication strategies in the targeted populations
To have IEC tools for social behavior change communication (SBCC) for Swachhta App
To implement these tools in schools & colleges  in Ahmedabad