Swasthya Samvedana Sena

SwasthyaSamvedanaSena  :Mobile Tablet For ASHAs & Village team 
In Collaboration With CM Office, UNICEF,  Himmatnagar DDO & CDHO Office
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Use of  Modern Technology To Empower, Train, Inform & Involve Rural & Urban Population In Positive Health Care Practices  In Families & Learned Involvement In Area Of 
•Reproductive & Child Health
•School Health Projects
•Women Wellness
•Family Health & Lifestyle Modification
•Healthy Nutrition& Healthy Eating Habits
•Fitness & Wellness
•Yoga In daily Life
•Hygiene – Cleanliness & Sanitation
•Population Control & Contraception
•Non Communicable Diseases & Know How On Government Health Projects & Programs.
•Tobacco , It’s effects on Health & How to Give Up
Contents Developed By 
Dr Meena Shah & Namaste Life’s TeamCreated All Contents For Systematic, Scientific, Life oriented Communication Using Mobile Tablets With Hundred & Ten Audio Visual Training Modules With  5-6 Videos Embedded In Each Training Modules.
All Contents  Authenticated By Independent expert’s Panel & Now Jointly Owned By UNICEF & CM Office Government Of Gujarat.
It has Many Unique Features 
•Visually Rich
•Scientific Info Explained In Simple Gujarati Language
•Socio Culturally Relevant
•Well Designed With Interesting Flow Of Communication
•Quiz Included To Know Participant’s Learning & Response
•All Details Recorded In Central Computer
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