Training Of The Trainers For Teachers

Quick Review PPT
Children Need To Be Healthy, Disease Free & Take Up Better Health, Hygiene & Health Care Habits.
Poor Children Are Especially Susceptible to Tobacco and Other Vices
Children Do Not Have Understanding Of Simple Facts & Practices For Healthier Life
Important To Mobilize Teachers Through Awareness And Transfer Of Knowledge, To Bring About A Change In Attitudes, Habits And Practices In School Children.
Program Highlights
Incoroporate Various Activities, Games & Projects For Children To Make Health & Wellness Habits As Way Of Life.
Teachers Will Be Using School Infrastructure - Open Space, Natural environment, A-V Facilities To Teach Students About Health Hygiene & Physical & Psychological Fitness
Training Manual, Slides & Action Plan provided to Participants for Actionable training and follow up.
Healthy School Children Project
Health, nutrition, fitness & psychological wellness and education are important for the overall development of the child and these  inputs need to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. 
Studies have shown that poor health and nutritional status of children is a barrier to attendance and educational attainment and therefore plays a crucial role in enrollment, retention, and completion of school education.
Health is a multidimensional concept because it is shaped by biological, social, economic and culturalfactors. Health is not merely the absence of disease but is influenced and shaped by the access to basicneeds like healthy food; safe water supply,  cleanliness- hygiene –sanitation,  and health awareness activities. 
Adoption of innovative strategies and ourexperiences of quasi government programs like the MahilaSamakhya, Tata Motors CSR, Ambuja Cements Foundation, ACC Ltd. HSE Division, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and several NGOsacross the country who have worked with us on children issues related to health and physical educationhave integrated wellness & hygiene promotion into curriculum, daily activities of school  &planning , development of syllabus
Teachers have great potential to be wellness leaders & change agents in having children to develop proactive & positive attitude to health & wellness. Teachers can instill positive habits in children through constant reinforcements & interesting trainings + activities. For example each teacher spending 1-2 minutes in each class to discuss / have fun learning thro’ games / essays / elocutions / painting competitions etc. can add up to lots of learnings.
Program Contents
Total Health & Wellness For Children Healthy Eating With Help Of „Food pyramid‟ Daily Fitness Yoga For Mind & Body‟s Development & Balance Hygiene & Cleanliness Psychological Fitness & Emotional Intelligence Stress Management Tips Overcome communication gap with parents Managing Adolescence Life Skills For Better Life Giving up Tobacco and Alcohol
Imp. areas are that will be addressed are 
1Personal Health
2.Healthy Nutrition
3.Physical Fitness For Overall Health
4.Physical And Psycho-Social Development
5.Hygiene – Cleanliness & Sanitation.
6.Awareness About Reproductive Health 
7.Menstrual Hygiene & Care
8.Healthy Communities And Environments
Participant Views
Very Enjoyable and Practical, One of A Kind Training. Children Are very receptive and are developing good habits while having fun