Women Wellness Workshops

Women Empowerment
That, women safety is a growing concern across India is well known.  The immediate reaction, especially among young urban women is to enroll in some self-defense classes.  Is this solution really the full answer or is it just the skimming the surface?
Namaste Life recognizes that women safety is a deep rooted problem that requires a comprehensive solution and plan. 
This means that first off, women must consider safety a way of life and take it into consideration in all walks of life – at home, in public, in work places, elevators, restrooms, travelling and even shopping!!! 
Second, women must feel empowered and have a sense of self esteem and importance.  Women must understand and accept their importance and power – socially, financially and even legally. 
Third, women must learn basic self defense techniques, use of technology (cell phones) and basic deterrent behavior for their personal safety. 
Lastly, women should be attuned to body language – their own and others.  Subtle deterrents such as attitude.
Namaste Life has created specialized workshops (Master Trainings) as well as Trainings for women to approach safety and empowerment for women in a holistic, practical and impactful way.
Namaste Life is conducting master training workshops for Women Police Constables across Gujarat for women police constables.  They would then be able to conduct short programs in the communities to spread safety and awareness in their areas Work with us to instill the power of “devis” (Goddesses) that we revere so much within each and every woman.
Women Wellness :
We at Namaste Life think of it as wellness, empowerment, education, physical strength, emotional strength, social & spiritual perspective to life .
Women are the backbone of the society.
Women are also most underappreciated and overworked members of the society.  They are at the core of successful husbands, well-rounded children and happy families.  They form the foundation of healthy families by the choices they make for their families.  
Their ability to multi-task and juggle home, family and social responsibilities is commendable.   Our workshops for women are designed fro different Age groups, Working / non working&different background 
The Complete Woman
A complete woman is one who is proud of her body and her life as a whole. Understand the functioning of her system in varied physiological and pathological states. She helps her system maintain well by consciously devoting time to health care. She knows the total well – being of her body ultimately depends on how much time and care she gives it.
The care of body is a long term process starts young, continues with increasing years and goes well into old age. A body kept unclean, misused and abused, carelessly treated succumbs to the traumatic onslaughts.
Marriage, pregnancy and lactation are essential facts of a female’s health profile. Most take these well to their over all advantage physically and emotionally. Only in rare instances does pregnancy, childbirth and lactation have a negative effect on the system. Careful health planning keeps at bay numerous general diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and gastritis.
Programs aretargeted to most important areas of women & their families
  • Educate about personal health and wellness
  • Holistic Approach To Health For Women 
  • Attitude shift to health care for family
  • Empowerment for positive and improved interpersonal relations
  • Gynec Care
  • Child Care 
  • Planned Parenthood &Contraception
  • Balanced Nutrition in Given Socio Economic Background
  • Healthy Cooking, Shopping & Menu planning.
  • Holistic Approach To Menopause
A happy successful family requires a strong, healthy, happy and confident pillar of support – An empowered, educated, health conscious woman.
An intelligent woman takes trouble to follow properly health care principals. 
  • She takes medication when needed to delay disease and degenerative processes. 
  • She is not hesitant to go for routine normal checkups in pregnancy, menopause, old age, illness or when apparently well. 
  • She is neither a health fad nor one who distrust all doctors and their advice and medicines. The onset of disease and aging is delayed 
  • When right weight is maintained
  • Body is well nourished
  • Body is exercised well and kept active
  • Mind relaxed and tension free
  • Intellect sharp and receptive.
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