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Namaste Life
dedicated to creating awareness about positive health, RCH – reproductive & child health, adolescent wellness, women & family wellness, women empowerment & safety, malnutrition, hygiene and cleanliness, prevention of common ailments and reducing burden of NCDs ( chronic lifestyle diseases ) in society at large through programs, activities & Audio Visual Communication.
Namaste Life is a not for profit organization establishing its area of operation in the field of health and wellness.  By promoting various ways of adopting a positive health care practices in all phases of life it aims to create a world which is free of all the lifestyle related diseases that it is plagued with, incidentally that is one of the foremost mottos of the organization too.
It is organizing programs & activities which have touched lives of people from varied backgrounds, educational qualifications and professions. Not only does it provide knowledge about leading a healthy lifestyle, it also aims to guide people on the transition from their current way of living to the new and healthy world promoted by Namaste Life. 
The organization by no means tries to compete with the medical interventions but instead it aspires to complement those services.  This is because a medical treatment could only do half the job.  The remaining half remains in the court of the patient who has to not only eat the tablets and the medicines prescribed but also shift to a healthier way of living.  The role of Namaste Life then is to help patients understand and balance medical care and self care.
Not only do the classes entail health related issues, such topics are associated with the socio cultural background of the participants and personalized accordingly.
Women’s Wellness, Maternal & Child Health:  With all the progress we have made, women’s wellness, reproductive health and new born health are key parameters of our success and growth.  
Communicable Disease Awareness;We have very high rates of preventable communicable diseases.  Our workshops and ToTs are geared to provide practical solutions to preventing and managing diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice and many more Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Awareness.  Increasing number of Indians/Gujaratis suffering from NCDs is a proven fact.   NCDs Are Best Managed With Primary & Secondary Prevention & Active Involvement Of Population At Large.
Women Empowerment & Safety;Women are the backbone of the society.  While it is our duty as a society to care for and protect girls & women, very often they are marginalized and are victims of abuse and violence.  Girls & Women are targeted in many areas of life – at work, in the streets and even in their own homes.  Women empowerment & gender awareness is important area to work for balanced & happy society.
Malnutrition – ‘KuposhanThiSuposhan’; project with SAM children to get them to normal weight & do IEC SBCC for mothers for healthy nutrition, positive child care practices, cleanliness, & preventive health practices for family.
In Order To Cater To This New Realities & Reaching To Large Segment Of Society, TOTs For Creating Wellness Leaders & Change Agents, Audio Visual Medium – TV Shows, Video, Posters, Articles, Web Based Communication Are Very Important. This Is Our Core Strength.
Namaste Life  Creates Very Special IEC & SBCC Material & A- V For Understanding All Aspects Of Care, Prevention, Lifestyle Modification, Timely Diagnosis, And Medical Care .  
Since its inception In 2010 we have done over 2,400+ programs & activities especially designed for all strata and age groups
- School Children
- Care, Treatment & Prevention Of Malnutrition
- Adolescent girls & boys
- Women ( with lifecycle approach )
- Families
- Teachers
- ASHAs & health care teams
- Doctors & paramedical 
- Other NGOs
- Retired people and Senior Citizens In Old age homes