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  • Date : 25/05/2013
  • Location : Odhav
Healthy Children


Children are the cornerstone of our society and their growth, development and health is of paramount importance.  We have a systemic and multi-level problem of poor health among children. 

* Many urban and rural children fall prey to vices of tobacco early on. 

*Many children are deprived of basic amenities & their dietary choices are abysmal . 

*They are under tremendous stress – stress to survive, peer pressure, monetary struggles, family struggles and more. 

*Poor hygiene is a way of life

All this leads to unhealthy, disease prone and unhappy childhood

Many parents understand these hazards but turn a blind eye to it either because of the lack of time, money and knowledge. 

At Namaste LIFE, we believe we can make a difference through education.  Basic health education can be given at school to give these children a fighting chance for a healthy, productive life. 



School is a place where many of these children from the financially backward families can be influenced, informed and trained to take up positive attitude and health care practices. Apart from home, the school has the most influence in shaping a child’s life. 

Our most ambitious project under NAMASTE LIFE is ‘Healthy Child – Happy Society aims at working with School children and teachers with a two prong approach

The program aims to provide the children with knowledge and skills to become healthy and productive adults.   Habits formed during childhood follow use into adulthood.  Hence training the children to have better health habits will resonate in their adulthood. 

Step 1:  Workshops for School Children

  • Positive Health Care
  • Good hygiene & cleanliness habits
  • Practical tips for Healthy & fun living
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Motivating children for optimum performance (academic and co-curricular activities) without pressure
  • Physical fitness & Yoga
  • Increased self esteem & managing peer pressure & stress.

The key messages of this project will not only impact the children and their futures but also impact their families
We have completed over 120 schools to train the children and teachers.

Step 2:  Training Of Teachers

Teachers are key influencers in a child’s life.  A methodical, practical and scientific approach to incorporating health in education is key both for continual education and re-enforcement.  Training For Teachers includes

  • Positive Health Attitudes for Teachers
  • Inculcating Good Hygiene
  • Dealing with tobacco addiction
  • Physical Fitness
  • Healthy Diet choices
  • Stress management
  • Building fulfilling relationships

Teachers are given proven teaching tools and material such as

  • Use of Role Plays
  • Games
  • Monthly/Quarterly Action Plan
  • Training Manual


You can help by sponsoring these programs in schools.   Different Levels of Sponsorship


1. Sponsor Children’s workshop (Rs 3000/workshops)

a.Your name mentioned as sponsor

b.Banner provided by you to be displayed during workshop

c.Sponsorship credit given in project reports

2. Sponsor Posters Provided to Schools for Display (Rs. 1500/School)

a.Your name/logo on the posters provided to school

3.Sponsor Training Of Teachers  (Rs 10,000/Training Of Teachers)

a.Your name mentioned as sponsor during training

b.Banner provided by you to be displayed during the training

c.Training Material to have your logo/name

d.Sponsorship credit given in project reports


1.50 AMC Schools Workshops

2.Workshop and Training Of Teachers at  KGBV – Kasturba Gandhi Bal Vidyalaya

3.Full list of Beneficiary Schools

4.School Programs Project Report