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Reproductive and Child Health

With Dr. Meena Shah at the helm and a team dedicated to Maternal and Child health is an integral part of our charter. Namaste Life delivers  a multi-level and multi-dimensional Maternal and Child health education and multimedia material that includes but isn’t limited to:

*Direct outreach programs to urban and rural poor for healthy pregnancy, childbirth and childcare

*Training of trainers (Social workers, Govt Health Workers, Aanganwadi workers, Nurses etc.) aid   
women for healthy-happy pregnancy, safe childbirth, childcare and create awareness of available   
government schemes 

*Custom films, videos and presentations

· Specialized 2-3 min video clips that can be a part of the existing outreach programs
· Specialized 2-3 min video clips, presentations and articles that may be posted on the internet for public viewing and reference.

*Tips for Maternal health and childcare on the radio

Some of our prior work includes

1.Training of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corp Nurses and Doctors on positive antenatal care, easy childbirth tips, postnatal care and childcare
2.Training of AMC Aanganwadi workers for maternal and child health
3.Training of Dais and Federation Leaders of Mahila Samakhya
4.Over 20 films on mother and child care and government initiatives including the award winning  
documentary “Matrutva na Marge”
5.Pregnancy, Childbirth and Childcare classes for over 30 years.
6.Radio tips on 94.3 My FM for mother care.
7.Pregnancy care articles and videos provided to Ministry of Health – India

Our USP – We provide scientific, relevant and interesting information tailored to the audience.  All information is practical and applies to the Indian socio cultural context and hence is easily implemented for greater impact

We can work with Government, Small and medium sized NGOs as well as organizations such as UNICEF to promote a healthy India through Reproductive and Child Health awareness and education


Project Reports

*Project Report On Training Of Trainer Workshop For Dais, Federation Leaders & Mahila Shamakhya Staff

*Project Report On Training Of Trainer Of AMC Anganwadi Supervisors On RCH

*Project Report On Training Of Trainer Of AMC ' HEALTHY & SAFE MOTHERHOOD' Training of Trainer for Women Counselors

In Urbun Slums

*Project Report On Training Of Asha Workers In Himatnagar, Gujarat On Healthy Safe Motherhood