Adolescent health & wellness

Awareness of Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene & Menstrual Care
Behavior Change in girls & convert them to use of sanitary napkins instead of cloth
Effective, interesting & enjoyable workshop which addresses imp aspects of health – wellness, nutrition, fitness etc. + Menstrual care, cleanliness – hygiene, common menstrual concerns & their care.
If all these is done in interactive format, interspersed with activities / games & A-V presentations it will be very result oriented BCC
1. Interactive session
a. Head to toe care
b. Attractive Personality
c. Fitness For Girls
d. Orientation on Adolescence – Phyical & Emotional Changes
2. Menstruation
a. Physiology of menstruation
b. Menstrual care and hygiene (including usage and dispose sanitary napkins)
c. Menstruations and emotions – PMS
d. Menstrual Discomforts & Solutions
e. Q &A
3. Tips For Safety & Awareness For Adolescent Girls
Conducted More than 105 Workshops Covering More than 11,000 girls In Schools for Schools – Cosponsored by Johnson & Johnson Conducted over 25 workshops Covering 1200 girls at AFHC at Urban Health Centers Of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Conducted over 35 workshops covering 3,500 girls with various other NGOs