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Healthcare Videos & Audio-Visual Training Modules
1). HealthCare Videos
Quick Review PPT
Background & Objectives
We are moving more into utilizing technology for teaching & communication. In fact, technology is difficult to avoid, and many  prefer to use a laptop or tablet or mobile rather than a pen and paper. In a world where new technology emerges on a daily basis it will be useful to have information in enriched & interesting visual format.
At Namaste Life we believe there is need for more dynamic and relevant promotion that address specific health and wellbeing issues using accessible and preferred modes of communication that is Health-Wellness Videos
Namaste Life’s Audio Visual Health- Wellness Communication Material
1.Covers Many aspects of Public Health
2.To have series of Video On Health
3.Videos Are Very User Friendly With Socio Cultural Relevance
4.Length Of Videos 1to 5 minutes
5.Videos Are Scientific, Visually Rich, Appealing & Interesting
6.Women Empowerment
Power & Purpose Of Health-Wellness Videos
1.Seeing is believing, Videos can explain things with many fold more clarity as they can have graphics, animation, drama & dialogue
2.People can identify with their own lives
3.Best experts & communicator’s onscreen presence, music, & relevant socio cultural background, appropriate length and many such facets to hold people’s interest    & attention.
4.Excellent tool for SBCC which will help people to take learned actions.
Without people taking right actions time & money spent by all government, institutes, hospitals, families & individuals can not bring change in  health parameters in society.
Namaste Life’sVideos Used In Multiple Ways To Promote Wellness
  • Viewed at different public locations by people.
  • Can be disseminated to the public on various health days e.g.  woman’s day, diabetes day, heart day etc.
  • They can be downloaded for cell phones
  • Used On social media. 
  • Used for various training purposes
  • Social Media Have Created New Opportunities For Namaste Life To Use  Digital Videos To Promote Health And Wellbeing.
2).A-V Training Modules
A-V Training Modules Are Need Of Any & All Training Activities In Healthcare & Wellness.
Trainers & Master Trainers are moving more into utilizing technology for teaching and communication. Today many trainers prefer to use a laptop or tablet or mobile than a pen and paper. A-V Training Modules will be useful & important mode of sharing health care knowledge, training and learning
At Namaste Life we create many such modules for effective master TOTs as well as basic learning in English / Hindi / Gujarati. These modules are enriched with videos, so that technical & medical information is given effectively & correctly by experts can reach end users
Objectives of Audio Visual Training Modules
  • Attitude Shift and Motivation for Health Workers / Health care promoter
  • Skill building and Propagation of Good RCH Practices, Adolescent Services & Child care practices       
  • Long Training and Reference Resource
  • To enable users easily access digital collections, regardless of location, language or formats,
  • To provide a highly interactive electronic videos & audio visual training modules
Highlights of Presentations:
  • Presentations will be scientific, crisp and engaging for the viewer
  • It incorporates need-based audio and videos
  • Presentations will be self explanatory and easy to follow
  • They are very creative with very interesting visuals and relevant pictures
  • Our research team will design it to be motivating and implementable
  • Dr.Meena Shah & team of experts – doctors, communication expert, MSWs, graphic designers, Video editors and researchers will be involved in development of the presentations
  • The presentations created and submitted in Power point / PPT /Video format
Our Experience & Activities
  • Sixteen Audio Visual Training Modules Developed on subject Of Malnutrition, Child Care, Adolescent Wellness Etc.for Adani CSR Health Team
  • Fifteen Audio Visual Training Modules Developed For Government Mental Health Hospital For Doctor’s Workshops For Training Village Health Teams & Public At Large.
  • Series Of 20 Audio Visual Training Modules For Teachers Of All ACC-DAV Schools
  • Series Of 20+ Audio Visual Training Modules Developed For ASHA Worker’s TOTs
  • Series Of 20+ A-V Training Modules Developed For AMC &MahilaSamakhya / KGBV School Teachers
  • Series Of A-V Training Modules Developed For ACC Plant’s Doctor’s  TOT On Preventive & Promotive Health Care For Non Communicable Diseases
  • Series Of 22+ A-V Training Modules Developed For Master TOT ‘ Creating Internal Wellness Leaders