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Lifestyle Diseases

the open for everyone to see.  The lifestyle of our society is experiencing a change and the change this time is not for the good.  People are becoming patients and patients are becoming the slaves of chronic diseases at a rate which no one had imagined.

While there has been a constant upgradation of the medical facilities, expertise and systems in our country and the world, it has still not been able to catch pace with the upgradation in the number of lifestyle related diseases in the society.  As we tackle one and claim to have conquered it, another impregnable seeming ailment rises from nowhere and captures the imagination of the medical fraternity for a while, with each member trying to find a solution to it.

While many tend to question the reasons that are leading to such health issues, experts in the industry seem to be divided in terms of the answer fo the same.  Most doctors believe that the drastic change in lifestyle of a common man is the biggest problem plaguing the health stock of the society.  People have significantly pitched up their reliance on eating from eateries and restaurants.  While the taste quotient is at its pinnacle at such venues, the health quotient is the last thing you might expect here. 

The eating timings have changed and so have the routines.  People tend to be increasingly victimized by stress either because of excess work or because of the worry caused by lack of work. 

These and many others have combined to create a situation which is highly worrisome.  Lifestlyle related diseases including

Blood Pressure, Diabetes as well as heart related diseases are capturing the individuals at ages unthought of. 

While this justification for the increase in the number of diseases looks reasonable, the real reason behind the same seems to be the lack of understanding of the problems.  Take for example, I might know that my lifestyle could lead me to problems but the kind of problems and their intensity are either not understood or ignored altogether.  I tend to believe that it is a thing of the future and letting it affect one’s present wouldn’t be suggestible.  However, some times the future comes tantanizingly close to your present and you don’t even realize when you have become the latest victim of the ghost of lifestyle related diseases.  It is a situation which needs attention and the attention has to come from the individuals themselves.  It is always said that precaution is better than cure and the only way to fight the lifestyle related diseases is by applying this saying in the real sense.

Disease Specific Workshops: Various programmes which target people suffering from specific diseases are also organized under the umbrella of Namaste Life.
Balanced  Fitness  Solutions  For  Optimal  Health 

'Fit In Fitness In Your Busy Life' Is About

  • Remaining Fit Flexible & Supercharged
  • Fitness Plan To Suit Lifestyle
  • Exercising Anytime & Anywhere
  • Time Range 10  To  40 Minutes
  • Maintain Optimal Health Good Weight

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    • Understanding Why We Feel Stressed
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    • Special Techniques To Release Stress From Mind- Body System
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    4. High Energy Lifestyle – Creating and Sustaining ‘Pranshakti’ -  Life Energy 
    5. Manage your stress – Manage your emotions
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    8. “Balanced Life” – Balanced : Eating, Fitness, Rest – recreation, Right and left brain activities, Traditional wisdom and Modern medical care 
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